LED Shoebox Light

Item No.: NG-NSB
UL cUL DLC approved
100-277V,277-480V input
Dark-to-Dawn photocell sensor
Microwave motion sensor
0-10V dimmable driver
IP65 waterproof Dust free
Trunnion,slip fitter,All in one pole bracket
Die-cast housing anti-corrosion
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Lumens Wiring Beam Angle(Degree) Electrical Data LED Type Color Temperature Color Rendering Index

 3 pin wires  TYPE ll
TYPE lll
Input Voltage
Power Factor(%)
SMD 3030 Chips WW 3000K
NW 4000K
DW 5000K
CW 5700K
70 70 CRI
80 80 CRI
90 80 CRI

 22500Lm  3 pin wires

 30000Lm  3 pin wires

 36000Lm  3 pin wires

 48000Lm  3 pin wires

 56000Lm 3 pin wires

led parking lot light

NGTLIGHT parking lot led light is made of pure aluminum, and the outer casing is compact. The use of aluminum material provides strong protection and durability for the heat while ensuring heat dissipation. The radiator adopts a hollow design To increase the heat dissipation surface, accelerate the air flow, take away more heat, protect the chip, and provide you with 50,000+ hours of long-lasting lighting service.

Perfect for parking lots, roadways, car dealerships, campuses, parks, and as a replacement for street lights and vapor lamps—this LED shoebox area light shines brightly when reliability and performance are critical.

led parking lot lightled parking lot light amazing heat dissipationSUITABLE FOR ALL CONDITIONS
Excellent IP65 waterproof & DUST RESISTANT performance and shatterproof, suitable for indoor dry and outdoor damp applications.
Built-in 6KV Surge Protection
Outdoor is the main places of use for the parking lot led light, and combating bad weather is also a basic requirement for a high quality outdoor area light. The Areas led shoebox light has a built-in 6KV protector to prevent damage caused by lightning surges

led parking lot light structureled parking lot light led parking lot light wiring diagramled parking lot light easy installation slip fitter

Outdoor LED Parking Lot Pole Lights Commercial

  • Easy to install the light on the pole with Slip Fitter Mounting, the SF bracket is 180 degrees adjustable.
  • Super bright shoebox led pole lighting effects to replace traditional MH/HPS/HID bulb, cut down your electricity consumption!
  • TYPE III Light Distribution-Best for outdoor street lighting patterns, cover larger areas.

led parking lot light east installation round square
led parking lot light trunnionled parking lot light dusk to dawn photocell
Dusk to Dawn Photocell Sensor on the led pole light, turn on at dusk and off at daytime automatically
led parking lot light application

150W Parking Lot LED Area Lights led garden light led parking lot light led retrofit kits led wall pack light led flood light led garden light
  LED Post Top Lights LED Parking Lot Light LED Retrofit Kits
LED Wall Pack Light 
LED Flood Light LED Post Top Light

AC100-277V AC100-480V AC100-480V AC100-277V AC100-277V AC100-277V
  Applications Outdoor use, garden,parking lot, street, area, roadway, driveway, square, tennis court and so on Outdoor use, parking lot, street, area, roadway, driveway, square, tennis court and so on Outdoor use, parking lot, street, area, roadway, driveway, square, tennis court and so on Outdoor use, parking lot, street, area, roadway, driveway, square, tennis court and so on Outdoor use, Yard, Barn, Street, Area, Pathway, Patio and so on Outdoor use, parking lot, street, area, roadway, driveway, square, tennis court and so on

7800LM~19500LM 14000LM~44800LM 14000LM~42000LM 8400LM~16800LM 14000LM~42000LM 7800LM~19500LM

Dusk to Dawn Dusk to Dawn Super Bright Dusk to Dawn Super Bright Dusk to Dawn

DLC Certification

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Q: Does it come with Pole ,what size how many feet ?

A: It is come with the slip fitter mount same as the picture, the diameter of the hole is around 2.6 inch (66 mm). 

Q: Is it Solar?

A:No,it is AC input voltage LED Lights.

Q: How does this light hold up in snowy/icy weather?

A: This led parking lot lighting is IP65 waterproof rating and the working temperature is -40~50℃.

Q: If this shoe box is dimmable?

A: The led shoebox area light is not dimmable.

Q: What is the light distribution on this led street fixture?

A: The light distribution is Type III.We also provide TYPE II,TYPE V,but it needs to be sent from China.

Q:Can led corn lights make 2200k?

A: Sure,2200/3000/4000/6000K is acceptable.It will be sent from China.

Q: Does the 320w shoe box light have a neutral wire and a live wire, or are there two live wires?

A: This light is rated for AC100-277volt, so 110V and 220V can definitely be used.

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led shoebox light
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led shoebox light

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