Shenzhen Nuoguan Technology Co.,Ltd guarantee that all LED lights being sold are QC
passed and reach export standards for shipment.Under normal use,the lamp is verified to
be the quality assured by NGT or any third-part testing authority,NGT or any third-part testing authority,NGT will offer three years warranty service.
Have a warranty claim or question?
If you have product qulity issue,please contact us!.
Please provide invoice,photo,video,application,wiring voltage to us investigate what reason caused defective.We will provide solution ASAP.
Please e-mail us or call us at +86-18520821782
Product Limited Warranty Time Periods:
We are confident with our products quality since we have professional quality-control team and strictly QC inspection,the warranty on our LED lights range from 1~5 years depends on different items 
Terms and Conditions:
1. We will offer exchange service within six months from the invoice stated time,
beyond three months NGT will offer free repair service,technology service & components in the guaranty time;
2. Since the date from Seventh month to the end date of warranty,NGT will free offer repair service, NGT provide technology support and components,only charging cost if customers want to replace by themselves;
3. Shipping freight caused by the warranty process will be paid by the shipper;
4. NGT will only bear the responsibility between our directly contact clients;
5. NGT will charge for the parts and shipping freight for maintenance service beyond guaranteeguarantee time frame;
6. Lumen depreciation of chips need to be returned to our company checked and tested,only then NGT will offer after-sales service plan,We will repair and replace after both manufacturing or component fault is confirmed;
7. The warranty period is subject to the invoice stated time. 

The following situations are not covered by warranty: 
  1. The products have been beyond warranty time
  2. Damage caused by serviceman's disassembly, maintenance, refit without NGT's authorization
  3. Breakdown caused by substandard installation or operation without according to the specification requirements.
  4. Breakdown caused by move, drop, water ingress, or scoring.
  5. Damage caused by the irresistible force factor, such as fire, earthquake, thunder and lightning, etc.
  6.  It's the normal phenomenon that 0.1%-0.3% LED chips burnt out on the lamp, this situation is out of the range of repair or exchange.
FAQ about warranty:
          How warranty (you says 5 year) works? say when something fail (led board, led driver, Fan, Heat sink & mounting hardware.
          Last 2 will not fail so let me ask for first 3 items), what is the process & who will bear the cost ?
         1.1 Please find the attached warranty files for references.
         1.2 For the products are within warranty period and not belong to the disclaimers.
         a) Simply provide us the series number. 
         b) Light photos or videos would be great to let us know what's happening to the lighs.
             Sometimes we would ask some related questions to find out what are the problems to the light.
        c) After we reviewing the light and confirmed it's quality problems, we will bear the shipping cost and send the replacement to                 you.If time is not the issue, we will send the replacement with your new order/next shipment together. 
        d) If the problem is caused by the LED driver, and simply replace the driver/components would help fix the light, we will be glad               to offer technical support and send the replacement to you if you're able to fix it on your own. If sending the replacement                       doesn't help or it's too difficult to change the part if failed, we will simply send you a new one. 
        e) Sometimes a return for the failed light will be required, if we'd like to know what caused the problem and to know how to                      avoid it happen next time.
         What if problem with delivered product (say wrong items, quantity or quality) ? 
         2.1 Most of the time we will double confirm the spec of lights you're going to order and mark in the PI before production if you're            ordering from China. So it rarely happens. And we will discuss together how are we going to do next.
         2.2 If you're ordering from our US warehouse.  Simply let us know what you received by providing us the series number and                 pictures of the product. We will then create a return lable for you. And resend them to you.

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