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Replace Your Parking Lot With LED Lights As Soon As Possible

DATE:2020-11-21 CATEGORY:Industry News VIEWS:

With the people’s life way changed and the development of Urban modernization,we need more and more parking lot,includes outdoor parking lot and underground parking lot,Meanwhile,the Parking lot lighting is become more and more important for us.

Why we should replacing parking lot lights with led lights?

Almost parking lot lighting are traditional mercury, metal halide lamp,and almost business owners face the problem of their parking lot.
Firstly, the energy waste is serious,because of the obvious difference between peak and trough periods, the parking lot is not always occupied, but the traditional 24-hour lighting is always on, causing serious energy waste; 
secondly, electricity cost is huge and maintenance cost is huge,especially maintain a large underground parking lot lighting.
If you are in charge of parking lot maintenance, you have to ensure perfect lighting to continue working. So it is important to know How to Upgrading or replacing parking lot lights with new LED lights.
The following are some of the things you need to know concerning LED parking lot lighting.


HIDs are arch lamps that transmit light through the electric current between the ionized gas and two electrodes. You should note that HIDs need a ballast to create an initial electrical surge and regulate power.
LED lights are comprised of tiny bulbs that are fitted into an electric circuit. When they are turned on, electricity passes through the semiconductor and makes it to emit photons. You should note that LEDs provide a uniform spread of illumination. Therefore, LED parking lot lights are more efficient, durable, and cost-effective in the long run.

What are the advantages of replacing parking lot lights with LED lights?
Higher Efficiency with Reduced Energy Consumption
The most important factor about lighting is the energy consumption and efficiency. 
Generally, Parking lot lighting consumes heavy power because of long time duty. So if you see that your lights are using a lot of electricity and your monthly bill is hiking on the top, you must consider upgrading your system.


For example, A metal halide bulb consumes 1500 W electricity, which means if it runs for 10 hours daily, it consumes 450 Units of electricity, whereas a LED of 300W consumes 90 Units of electricity delivering the same lightening facility. So the energy consumption reduces dramatically as well as the efficiency increases to 50%.


To Reduce the Maintenance Cost


Every unit of lighting has a lifetime to which it provides bright light.

For example, if a unit gives excellent brightness up to 10000 hours, after the mentioned time, the brightness will be decreased. Therefore, you need frequent repair increasing the maintenance cost. In such a condition, it is better to replacing parking lot lights as soon as possible.


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