LED UFO High Bay Light

Item No.: NG-UFOP
UL CUL DLC approved
100~240W available
Super-Thin Aluminum heatsink
Unique background lighting design
Microwave motion sensor function
Remote control 0~10V dimmable
100~277V input
External or internal driver options
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led high bay light

Lumens Wiring Beam Angle(Degree) Electrical Data LED Type Color Temperature Color Rendering Index


120° Input Voltage
100-277V 50~60Hz
Power Factor(%)
SMD 2835 Chips WW 3000K
NW 4000K
DW 5000K
CW 5700K
70 70 CRI

80 80 CRI

90 80 CRI




led high bay light dimensionsled high bay light structure


NUOGUAN LED High Bay Light is an excellent choice for industrial and commercial spaces that require an efficient lighting solution. UL&DLC Listed. These LED high bay lights provide excellent efficacy and output to illuminate your space while lasting 3 times longer than HID fixtures.

The newest design high bay lights-Up and down lighting design provides basic downward lighting for tasks,Full screen promises the maximum luminous area of UFO bay light.NO flickering, NO humming, No spot, No black area.

Energy-Efficient Driver-This LED High Bay Light uses SMD 3030 chips, 150lm/w brightness and 80% energy savings, light delay <5%, CRI>80% delivery more realistic color for the objects.

1~10V DIMMING-Equip with the dimming capacity allows you to adjust the brightness over your space and save energy with the standard 1-10V dimmer.

120 Degree Large Beam angle -UFO High Bay Lights are perfect for Indoor and Outdoor use, such as Warehouses, Garage, Factories, Stadiums, Supermarkets, Logistics center, Exhibition hall and other places that may need lighting.

Durable & Long Lifespan-This LED high bay fixture is made of heavy-duty die-casted aluminum material, it is solid and durable, it has excellent corrosion resistance and heat dissipation effect, extending its lifespan up to 50,000 hours, fewer repairs or replacements, decreased maintenance requirements.

What you can get--5-year lifetime technical support

led high bay light wiring diagram


Have you ever had these puzzles? How many led lights to need to use? What kind of power? Don't worry - NUOGUAN will help you, only the length * width * height and illuminance requirements of the site need to be provided. We will provide you free NUOGUAN light layout service, to help you get more projects. Normally, in order to achieve the illumination of 40fc, we suggest that the hanging height of the 100W lamp is 10~14ft, 150W is 14~18ft, The distance we recommended between two lights=2*Height.

*The light effects may be affected by the real-time environment!

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AC100-277V AC100-480V AC120V士10% AC100-480V AC100-277V AC100-277V
  Applications Outdoor use, garden,parking lot, street, area, roadway, driveway, square, tennis court and so on Outdoor use, parking lot, street, area, roadway, driveway, square, tennis court and so on IndoorUse,shop,warehouse,
workshop,garage,office, and so on
Indoor and Outdoor Use,
warehouse, parking lot, street, area, roadway, driveway, square, tennis court and so on
Indoor and Outdoor Use, Job site, construction site, tunnel, garage, workshop and so on IndoorUse,shop,warehouse,
workshop,garage,office, and so on
7800LM~19500LM 14000LM~44800LM 14000LM~16800LM 4332LM~39280LM 8400LM~21000LM 8400LM~21000LM
Dusk to Dawn Dusk to Dawn Super Bright Super Bright Super Bright Super Bright
DLC Certification

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Q: I bought the AC100-277v. it does not appear to be dimmable. Does this model not have a dimming function?

A: Yes, this model have a dimming function. The dimmable cable of ufo led high bay light is under the driver, you need pull it out and then connect dimmer switch. 

Q: Is there glare? flicker?

A: no glare, no flicker. 

Q: Can the light be used to grow my plants?

A: This light is not a full spectrum.You could buy led grow light specially for plants.

Q: what wattage of the uplight area 3 lines?

A: Totally around 13W around 1820LM.

Q: Does the light save the last dimmer setting that was used after I shut off and turn back on?

A: A 0-10V dimmer (used with 0-10V dimmable model) should save last setting. You can control dimming with your existing switch and avoid new wiring in your walls. 

Q: How many amps? And what gauge is the wire?

A: UFO high bay light, its amps is 1A, and the ware gauge is 18 AWG. Thanks

Q: Can each light be controlled by remote individually? I installed 2 and want more but the remote controls both no matter where I point it.

A: No. The remote controls all lights at the same time - even across different sizes and brightness strengths.

Q: Does it have a motion sensor?

A: Yes,it has motion sensor,but it needs to be sent from China.

Q: In addition to 120 degrees, UFO pro can also do 90 degrees?

A: Only 120 degree is available.

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led high bay light
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led high bay light

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