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LED Corn Grow Light


  • The fin type heat dissipation design has good heat dissipation effect
  • Lamp bead surface with transparent PC covers, can prevent mosquitoes and so on
  • The luminescence Angle is 120 degrees
  • Full voltage input, suitable for use in ac100-277V 50/60Hz countries or regions.
  • A perfect cost-down choice for vegetable farming,  seedling, breeding, greenhouse, indoor gardens, plant factory, hydroponics, horticulture etc..
LED Corn Grow Light LED Corn Grow Light LED Corn Grow Light LED Corn Grow Light




LED corn cob grow light is a kind of lamp that provides light compensation for greenhouse plants in accordance with the natural law of plant growth and the principle of photosynthesis, which can promote growth, extend flowering period and improve quality. It is also called plant fill light or greenhouse fill light.The wavelength types are abundant, which coincides with the spectral range of plant photosynthesis and photomorphism. The half-width of the spectral wave width is narrow, and the pure monochromatic light and the compound spectrum can be combined as required.It can concentrate light on specific wavelength to irradiate crops evenly . It can not only regulate the flowering and fruit of crops , but also control the plant height and plant nutrients . The system generates less heat and occupies a small space . It can be used in a multi-layer cultivation three-dimensional combination system to achieve low heat loads and miniaturization of production space .In addition, its exceptional durability also reduces operating costs. Because of these remarkable characteristics, it is very suitable for plant cultivation in a controlled facility environment.


Matters Need Attention


1.Please handle with care , do not press hard , and do not beat.

2.When installing the lamps , the wiring should be insulated to prevent leakage.

3.Can not be used in flammable , explosive , high temperature and corrosive places.

4.Repair or replacement by professionals is required in case of failure.


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Q: Are your company a manufacturer?
NGT: Yes,We are LED lights manufacturer since 2010 located in Shenzhen,China.
All products design and produce by our own factory.


Q: Can I have a sample order?
NGT: Sure,welcome sample order test check quality.
We treat every order with good service no matter big or small.


Q: What is production time of order?
NGT: Depends on the order quantities.
1~50pcs 2~3 days.
51~100pcs 4~5 days.
100~500pcs 5~7 days.
Above 500pcs need 8 days more by actual materails stock.


Q: How long will take ship the order?
NGT: There are 3 ways to ship goods.
5~10 days by express such as DHL,UPS,FedEx and TNT.
10~15 days by air also have door to door or arrive airport only service.
30~60 days by sea also have door to door or arrive seaport only service.


Q: Can you print LOGO on the light or package?
NGT: Yes,we provide OEM service.
We can print LOGO by your request on light,inner package and outer package.


Q: Do you provide warranty?
NGT: All products are QC passed and reach export standard by third-party testing authority.
We will provide 5 years warranty.
We will provide new light within 6 months since you purchased.
After 6 months we will provide free components and service to repair.
Or after 6 months until 5 years we will provide new light according to actual situation.


Q: How your company control quality?
NGT: We have very strictly quality control process.
1.Raw materials need to test before put into production line.
2.Quality control every step when in production.
3.After assembled every light will aging test in professional aging room
4.QC will do final inspection and clean before packed.


Q: What payment method your accept?
NGT: Paypal,Credit card,T/T,Check,Western Union.
Or consult us directly for special payment method you want.




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